DA asks for skills audit

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - The DA wants the Matlosana Municipal Manager to initiate a skills and qualifications audit to ensure that municipal officials are capable of performing their roles.

Because, says Cllr Chris Bester, the people need a government that will prioritise and speed up service delivery by hiring fit for purpose indivi-duals who are capable of bringing good governance.

According to him, the current financial status of the City of Matlosana’s municipal account and the failure to draw up a budget to service residents is indicative of years of cadre deployment that left the municipality with unqualified and unskilled municipal officials.

“The municipality has adopted an unfunded service delivery budget, this means that there is no budget to fund plans and projects pertaining to service delivery.

“The national standard stipulates that a municipality must use at least 8% of its yearly budget for the maintenance of infrastructures like sewerage, water, electricity and roads.

“Matlosana has allocated only 2% of its 2020/2021 budget towards maintenance, this is proof of the incompetent financial management that is in place which is fed by a complete mismanagement system that is so prominent in the municipality,’’ said Bester.

He added that the ANC’s cadre deployment can be linked to the deterioration of the municipality’s finances thus creating an obstacle for the municipality to perform its duties.

“’Positions within the municipality have always been politicised and people were hired to serve the interest of the ANC. There has been a revol-ving door of Municipal Managers as three of the Municipal Managers were suspended and the current Municipal Manager is constantly in trouble with of allegations of gross tender irregularities.

“Years of cadre deployment has left the municipality’s workforce demoralised and in some instances skilled and qualified workers have opted to leave the employ of the municipality, leaving the municipality with incapable officials who cannot perform what is required,’’ said Bester.

“If the current management does not start to listen to financial experts and simultaneously start getting rid of incompetent, unqualified staff the situation will keep on deteriorating and the city will come to a complete standstill.”