Return and get money back

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - The first consignment of returnable plastic 2L bottles was delivered in North West last week.

The returnable bottles are made of PET plastic (Polyethylene Tere-phthalate) and feature a paper label with ‘RETURNABLE’ appearing on a green or yellow strip on the front of the bottle.

The recommended retail price for a 2L Coca-Cola Original Taste Less Sugar product is R24, but this drops to R15 when the bottle is returned.

Coca-Cola No Sugar, Sprite, and Fanta are also available in the new 2L returnable PET plastic bottle at a recommended retail price of R12 excluding the R9 deposit.

Returnable PET is part of the Coca-Cola Company’s World Without Waste vision, which focuses on the entire packaging value chain from how bottles and cans are designed and made to how they’re collected, recycled and reused later. CCBSA is offering more consumers across South Africa value-for-money, while playing its part in protecting the environment.

“By offering a returnable PET bottle, we are creating greater value for money, as well as an incentive for consumers to collect packaging, rather than disposing of it into the environment,” says CCBSA Managing Director, Velaphi Ratshefola.

Once a bottle is returned to CCBSA, it will go on a looped journey to be cleaned to Coca-Cola’s stringent measures and requirements, then refilled and distributed back to retail outlets. When the bottle reaches the end of its lifecycles, after being returned to CCBSA, it will be recycled and turned into another PET plastic bottle.