Sinkholes to be fixed?

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Stilfontein - A Geo-science team that will investigate the sinkholes in the town has been appointed. The DA welcomed the appointment, but stated in a press release that they are cautious about the appointment.

“For years, the DA has been reporting on the damage and threats posed by these sinkholes without any permanent solution offered by the municipality. These sinkholes have caused immense damage to roads, resulted in the flooding and damage to people’s homes and raised general safety concerns for the people of Stilfontein,”said DA Councillor Portia Burrell.

Burrell accompanied by the Disaster Management Department and other stakeholders conducted an oversight inspection to various sinkholes.

“The DA can confirm that the Geoscience team is already on-site conducting their investigations and have commenced with the risk assessments to the affected areas. Whilst the DA is encouraged by this move, it is still not clear how much money has been allocated to fix these sinkholes.”

The DA will apply pressure on the Municipal Manager to disclose in detail how much money has been budgeted towards fixing these sinkholes and present a complete timeline of the project.

“The DA will not stop until Stilfontein sinkholes are fixed and no longer pose a threat to the community as well as people driving on our roads,” Burrell concluded.