Help with upgrade at the museum

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - The Klerksdorp Museum is in the process of upgrading one of its permanent exhibitions, celebrating the cultural heritage of the South African Indian community.

Historian Bert Gaffen said they have done a lot of research regarding the spiritual and material culture of the Indian community.
“We want this to be an inclusive project where our local community contributes to the upgraded exhibition. We would earnestly like to hear from you if you have any contribution to make towards the upgrade of this exhibition,’’ he said.

Some of the ways people can contribute:
- Provide a recipe of a traditional South African Indian dish, accompanied by a high quality colour photograph of the prepared dish ;
- Donate items of traditional Indian clothing (eg a Sari, Dhoti pants);
- Donate a copy of the Bhagavad Gita for permanent display in the exhibition;
- Donate a printed copy of the Quran (please confirm with your Imam or a Mufti that it is allowable for the Quran
to be put on public display at the Museum);
- Donate a wall hanging with verses from either Scripture;
- Donate general cultural objects relating to the Cultural Heritage of the South African Indian community;
- Oral history regarding the Indian community in South Africa in general, and the KOSH community in particular;
- Documents and photographs relating to the history of Malay Camp, Sakhrol and Manzil Park.

According to Gaffen, the richly diverse South African Cultural Heritage will only be preserved if South Africans take ownership of their cultural heritage and take positive action to preserve it, and educate about it.

This project will also serve as a litmus test for public participation in future upgrades to existing and new Museum exhibitions.
Contact Bert at Klerksdorp Museum at 018 487 8900 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can make a contribution to the project.