Vaccine rollout gathers pace

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - North West Health MEC Madoda Sambatha is pleased with progress of vaccination for phase 2 in the province.

Last week, a total of 27 543 people were vaccinated in the Province as the momentum begins to pick up from since day 1 of the second phase of vaccination.

The first day of vaccination saw 761 people including both health care workers and the elderly 60 and above vaccinated.

The second day saw a steady increase with the numbers reaching 2071 just on that day while the third day increased to an impressive 4441. The Department started phase 2 with five vaccination sites in two districts of Bojanala and Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

By day 2 the number of vaccination sites increased to ten with additional five sites activated. The plan of the Department is to activate 15 more vaccination sites by the beginning of June which will mean more people will be vaccinated per day.

Sambatha continues to conduct oversight and support visits to various vaccinations sites across the Province. This week alone, the MEC has covered all the four districts where he also visited old age homes.

“The approach by the Department to reach many of the elderly in old age homes is working. In all the old age homes I visited, I saw enthusiasm and eagerness of the elderly in wanting to be vaccinated. This is encouraging and we believe we will be able to reach our target,” he said.

Phase 2 population prioritization for the elderly 60 years and above in the Province is set at 337 500.

The majority of people in this population group are in the Bojanala District.