New kids and youth centre opens

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - City on a Hill Church just built a whole extra building for kids, youth and community. According to pastor Mark Bailey, they built it cash in the midst of Covid-19.

“We were led to build. Deacons and elders agreed in January last year. We then shared the news with the church in February, but when Covid came in March, we thought we would have to cancel. We just kept going with no money,” he said.

“Little by little we now have a building that can accommodate more than 300 kids and that’s a tool for the task. We see our facilities as a blessing for schools, home schoolers and training for worldwide ministry. On Friday nights we have more than 80 young people in this new building and we are pressing on for greater things.

“So many impossibilities have been made possible over the last 12 years of City on a Hill’s existence and only God can do this.”

“We still don’t understand how everything came together, we are just thankful,” Bailey said.