Welcome to 5G country

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - Rain 5G is now in the city, and with it the chance to have the same 5G internet experience as in London, Tokyo or New York.

The 5G network launched in September 2019 in Johannesburg and has been expanding across the country ever since.

5G is the next generation wireless network technology. It offers exponential advances in speed and capacity compared to any other internet technology. With access to 5G, South Africans are at the forefront of global technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Rain’s 5G coverage includes almost 4 million households, and an accelerated rollout plan to include 5000 new households every day for the rest of the year. The plan also includes expanding from major metros to smaller cities. 

With several smaller cities across the country now connected to the 5G network, rain aims to make the latest global technology accessible to more South Africans at an affordable price.

“Rain is leveraging 4G data network infrastructure to expand the 5G network making it possible to build a cost-effective network - reducing the cost of data for the consumer,” stated Brandon Leigh, rain founder and CEO.

So what’s great about Rain 5G?
It is an alternative to fibre, ADSL and fixed LTE. Some communities have been waiting for years for fibre to reach their neighbourhood. As a plug and play solution to home Wi-Fi, it side steps the delays often experienced. Rain 5G is unlimited, fast and affordable. There are no contracts. It also comes with a free-to-use router. And there’s no need dig up a pavement or driveway.

There are three 5G home Wi-Fi products; unlimited home basic is the most affordable for only R499 a month, with speeds up to 25 Mbps and a streaming quality of 720p.

“The unlimited home 5G basic product launch is part of rain’s plan to make 5G more accessible to more South Africans, as well as an opportunity for existing 4G home customers who are within 5G coverage to take up the opportunity to migrate to the 5G network,” explains Leigh.

The unlimited home 5G standard for R699 a month is designed for the average household and provides download speeds up to 50Mbps and full HD 1080p streaming.

Lastly, the unlimited home 5G premium for R999 a month is for larger households who need a lot of Wi-Fi, giving unlimited download speeds and multiple HD streams. The April 2021 My Broadband speed test data reported an average speed of 165Mbps with some customers exceeding 400Mbps.

How do you get it?
Rain 5G can be ordered online from www.rain.co.za. Selecting the right plan is straight-forward. Follow the prompt to check you’re in 5G coverage, then place your order. Delivery is fast. Set up is quick. You just insert the SIM into the router and switch it on.