Tshepong takes direct hit

Written by Midweek. Posted in Latest News

Klerksdorp Midweek, Jouberton - Tshepong Hospital took a direct hit during last week’s mega storm.

“By virtue of being near the bottom end of slope, Tshepong Hospital was at the receiving end storm beating. It was hit directly by the storm and also received overwhelming volumes of water, debris and rubble from upstream extensions of Jouberton Township such as Extension 19, 6, 11, and 10,” said Nico Masiu, PRO.

“Currently all the working areas have been cleaned and are functional. We are grateful to our staff who availed themselves and worked effectively and efficiently to restore our hospital to functionality.

“The long-standing need for diversion of township storm water away from the hospital to run next railway lines remains an urgent need to prevent disruptions of health services,” he said.

According to Masiu, the speedy response of the management and staff contained and controlled what could have been a major disaster situation as the Accident, Emergency and Out Patient Department were flooded to a point where they had to be closed for hours to clear the water and all patients were diverted to Klerksdorp hospital.

Wards 1 to 5 which includes main ICU in ward 3 and 10 to 14 were also flooded. Patients had to be moved around for safety and comfort.

The patience and understanding of patients and relatives in casualty was remarkable.

“Some of the storm water accumulated in the coal bunkers of the boilers and thus impeded steam generation. A second boiler had to be activated/opened to try to maintain steam levels whilst draining the water from the bunkers. The EMS, Fire Department, and Mathe Private Ambulance also assisted the staff with cleaning. A private company was called to drain the water that accumulated in front of the entrances to OPD and Cardiology Clinic.”