Love and Above: A journey into shamanism, coma and joy

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by Sarah Bullen - NB Publishers

Journalist Sarah Bullen and her filmmaker husband Llewellyn seemed like a golden couple, with wildly successful careers. Then Llewellyn realises that what he’d thought were entranced moments were in fact symptoms of a brain tumour. He pursues a shamanic path to fight the cancer and the couple are catapulted into a strange, magical world of ritual and ceremony. Alongside hospitals, surgery and treatments comes another wilder journey of spiritual searching. Then Sarah too falls ill. While in a four-week coma, Sarah travels through near-death and into other realms and worlds. She comes back with a message and a spark to follow which becomes a roadmap to allow her to write a new life story. Sarah’s story is sad, funny and magical, filled with laughter and tears. Love and Above is filled with wild rapture and infinite possibility.

Eight days in July

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Eight days in July: Inside the Zuma unrest that set South Africa alight by Kaveel Singh, Jeff Wicks and Qaanitah Hunter (NB Publishers): In July 2021, with the imprisonment of Jacob Zuma, dramatic and violent scenes of unrest and looting unfolded in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng.