Get paid to train gamers

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - In many aspects South Africa is well ahead of the curve in gaming, and in others woefully behind.  South Africa has produced world champions in wargames, morabaraba, and checkers, as well as having produced sterling results in esports.

However the results have been spasmodic at best and have largely relied on the efforts of interested volunteers and dedicated athletes who have put their own time, efforts, and resoures into the mix.

There is now a truly exciting development that will change the way in which trainers and athletes are prepared for high level competition. Kingfisher Gaming is establishing South Africa’s first, if not the first in the world, High Performance Centre (HPC) for gaming in which both trainers and athletes will be paid.

Salaries will be between R15 000 to R20 000 per month for trainers.

The job will entail the following: Learning the games we suggest backwards and forwards with all of the nuances, being able to teach those games to our less experienced employees and ultimately elevate them to the level of trainers and create YouTube channels around playing the games and teaching the games.

Kingfisher will provide any of the equipment necessary for streaming, playing and training, all of the space necessary and a great space to play and jam.

You should be a die-hard gamer and be looking for the opportunity to make money playing games and being fully passionate about it.

The initiative will be start off with games similar to Hearthstone.

You can submit a CV of your gaming experience.

The application may be found on:

Applications must be submitted by close of business on Friday August 27.