Inferno claims five lives in Ramatlabama Six Hundred

Mahikeng Mail – Mahikeng: The Lefakane family in Ramatlabama Six Hundred was this weekend devastated after an early morning blaze at the residence of their niece devoured five children. Though the cause of the fire was by this week still under investigation, an inquest case was lodged and the mother of the children, Kelebogile Lefakane who was at a tavern at the time of the incident will be charged with child negligence.

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Rooigrond potholes frustrate motorists

MAHIKENG MAIL - MAHIKENG – The pothole infested road between Mahikeng and Rooigrond prison has become a serious life-threatening risk and it is no joke – and surely not funny anymore.

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Prospecting rights detrimental to Groot Marico River Catchment

Mahikeng Mail-Groot Marico- De Beers Consolidated Mines (Pty) Ltd, the world’s leading Diamond Company, had in recent times caused quite an uproar after applying for prospecting rights to mine kimberlite (diamond bearing ore) in the vicinity of the Vergenoeg farm portions here.

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