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BONUS - RUSTENBURG - South Africans will spend between R1.02 and R2.18 per kilometre driving to their holiday destination this Easter weekend, depending on the type of vehicle they drive, a recent analysis has revealed. 
It was calculated what it would cost to travel along some of the country’s most popular holiday routes using this month’s fuel pricing and South Africa’s updated toll fees.
For the calculation a combination of inland and coastal unleaded 95 and 50 ppm diesel prices were used to calculate fuel costs. 

As of 6 March 2024, these are as follows:
Unleaded 95 inland — R24.45
Unleaded 95 coastal — R23.73
50 ppm diesel inland — R22.62
50 ppm diesel coastal — R21.91
It is interesting to note that the Bakwena N1 route between Pretoria and Polokwane was the most expensive per kilometre because the toll fees along the route are disproportionately high compared to other routes.