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MAFIKENG MAIL  -  RUSTENBURG - After having taken over as Acting Municipal Manager at the Bojanala District Municipality last year, Dr Auchalie Mothupi realised that many posts had been occupied for several years by officials who were acting in their positions. 

He decided to do something about the worrisome situationan, and last week, the visionary Dr Mothupi acted on his decision to improve the situation of the skeleton staff who had been occupying the acting positions from middle to senior management, which had also been preventing the municipality from performing to its maximum capacity, thus hampering service delivery and disenfranchising thousands of residents of Bojanala District. 
This undesirable, adverse situation and service delivery impediment came to an end under the strategic and able management of Dr Mothupi, who came to the helm of the institution in October 2023, after being seconded by the North West Provincial Government. 
The turnaround situation was evident in the interview for vacant senior positions in the municipality during April this year. Appointments were eminent in this regard, pending the finalisation of the vetting of preferred candidates. 
What was even more pleasing and relieving to both Council and   communities was when interviews of middle management posts were started and completed from June 18 - 20 June 2024. 
These included Communications, Records Management, Disaster Management, Transport Planning, Information and Communication Technology, Human Resources Management, Tourism, Marketing and Development.  
“This is a pleasant moment, wherein we are capacitating and enabling the municipality to deliver much-needed services to communities of Bojanala District and our five constituent local municipalities, namely, Rustenburg, Moses Kotane, Madibeng, Moretele and Kgetlengrivier. 
“It’s mind-boggling how the municipality could have been allowed to operate with skeleton staff like this for such a long time. This means it moved from intensive-care unit to high-care unit, so to speak. We are moving with speed to capacitate the municipality, thus ensuring service delivery to the electorates of Bojanal District.  “We dare not fail them, “said an elated Acting Municipal Manager, Dr Auchalie Mothupi, in the aftermath of completion of interviews at the two strategic levels of the institution.

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