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MAHIKENG MAIL-POTCHEFSTROOM: In an effort to bridge the gap between the commercial, emerging and subsistence farmers North West Department of Agriculture and Rural Development handed over agricultural mechanization to Daniel Soya in Goedgevonden Village in JB Marks Local Municipality as part of the Accelerated Service Delivery Programme Thuntsa Lerole. 

The mechanization which included a tractor, planter and harvester amongst others, is one way of addressing food insecurity in the North West Province. The use of agricultural mechanization is significant for smallholder farmers because it advances production efficiency, reassures large-scale production, and increases the quality of farm produce. 
MEC is committed in ensuring that farmers have access to contemporary agriculture mechanization that would enhance their productivity in this competitive environment. “I want to maximize and increase the potential net worth of the agriculture sector and improve its contribution to the agricultural sector,” said Mohono. To contribute towards achieving provincial priorities, mechanization encourages large-scale production and enhances the quality of farm produce from smallholder. HoD further reiterated that without proper mechanization, the development of the sector with smallholder black farmers as meaningful participants in the economy will be greatly affected, thus farmers will be compelled to change land use from agriculture to other lucrative non-agricultural uses. “The implements were one way to address food insecurity, the mechanization would increase household food production,” emphasized Mokhatla. 
Speaking to the mechanization beneficiary and soybean producer, Daniel Soya said “I am very grateful to the department as the cost of mechanization was not affordable and they contributed with mechanization so that I can grow my own produce and maximize food security,” exclaimed Soya. Agricultural mechanization has significantly aided the enhancement of the farming community in the overall economic upliftment. The usage of agricultural mechanization by smallholder farmers has produced an increase in farm returns than those with no agricultural mechanization usage. 

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