Appeals against Valuation Roll could take forever

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RUSTENBURG HERALD - RUSTENBURG - Recent developments as far as RLM Council meetings are concerned have shown that the dust hasn’t even begun to settle on the finalisation of the Rustenburg Municipality’s controversial Valuation Roll issue since property, land and business owners were shocked by what is generally perceived to be a totally unrealistic new Valuation Roll which was tabled by the Rustenburg Municipality in February 2020.

R30p/l for fuel? It’s coming!

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RUSTENBURG HERALD - RUSTENBURG - Economists are predicting that South Africans must brace themselves for continued petrol price hikes in the coming months as global oil issues continue. The possibility of R30 per litre of fuel is, indeed, a very real one. Crude supplies are likely to remain tight amid limited spare capacity among producers, said investment bank UBS in a research note on Wednesday (15 June).

What flogging a dead horse means: Cllr Snyders correct all along

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RUSTENBURG HERALD - RUSTENBURG - The English language has a wonderful expression for describing quite explicitly when there is no point in doing something. The expression "you're flogging a dead horse" will ring a bell among most people. Well, it seems that attempting to get an answer from the Rustenburg Municipality on issues that are touchy/sensitive/embarrassing/unfavourable or likewise, are all examples of where this expression applies perfectly.

Tax season shorter this year

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RUSTENBURG HERALD - RUSTENBURG - Taxpayers are advised to get ready sooner rather than later. The annual tax filing season kicks off in a month’s time, but taxpayers should take note that the deadline for submissions has been brought forward by a month for non-provisional, manual and branch office submissions.

SPAR supports local non-profit in the fight against period poverty

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By entering the SPAR Virtual Women’s Challenge 2022, participants will make a
meaningful contribution to the lives of young girls.
SPAR, in partnership with other charities,
continue to donate
of sanitary pads to help keep girls in school.

The SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge has joined the fight to end period poverty in South Africa by supporting local non-profits organisations that advocate for a shame-free education for young girls.

Creating awareness and contributing to elevating period poverty has been an integral part of the Virtual Challenge over the past two years. A pack of sanitary is donated towards SPAR Petals Project for every entry to the event. The entries for last year’s event and individual donations enabled SPAR to donate 110 000 sanitary packets towards the Petals Project. Click here to enter the challenge