SAA lifts its hunting trophy embargo

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RUSTENBURG HERALD – RUSTENBURG – The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has accused South African Airways (SAA) of “quietly announcing” the lift on an embargo on the transportation of rhino, elephant, lion and tiger hunting trophies, retracting a ban which has been praised by conservationists...

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Recycling for a better future

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RUSTENBURG HERALD - RUSTENBURG - South Africa produces roughly 540 million tonnes of waste per year, 95% of which ends up in rubbish dumps and landfills instead of recycling centres. Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to keep a 100 watt light bulb burning for 4 hours while recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to operate a TV for 3 hours. This is the energy which is “lost” to originally manufacture glass from silicon etc. Each one of us can make a difference by recycling and at the same time help others less fortunate or the environment as a whole...

To read the full story, read page 12 of our 24 May 2015 issue.

License disc renewal refusal not due to e-tolls

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RUSTENBURG HERALD – RUSTENBURG – Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) has refuted claims that members of the public are being refused license disc renewals due to outstanding e-toll payments, calling the explanation “outrageous”. JPSA referred to an article in the national media over the weekend claiming that a resident of Gauteng was allegedly being refused a new license disc for his motor vehicle due to outstanding e-toll fees...

To read the full story, read page 10 of our 10 July 2015 issue.

Eskom boss now a doctor

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RUSTENBURG HERALD – RUSTENBURG – Eskom’s Acting Chief Executive Brian Molefe may be the man in charge of keeping the country’s lights on this winter but he is now also a Doctor. Molefe has received an honorary degree of Doctor of Engineering (DEng) from the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in Glasgow, Scotland, Eskom announced on Thursday, 2 July...

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Agri SA in gesprek met die ANC

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RUSTENBURG HERALD – RUSTENBURG – Agri SA het van ‘n onlangse gespreksgeleentheid met die sekretaris-generaal van die ANC, Gwede Mantashe, gebruik gemaak om weereens sy kommer oor onwerkbare grondhervormingvoorstelle van die regering toe te lig  en te versoek dat die staat eerder vrywillige skemas moet ondersteun wat teen ‘n veel laer koste goeie resultate kan oplewer.

To read the full story, read page 7 of our 26 June 2015 issue.

RLM releases Emergency Loadshedding Schedule

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RUSTENBURG HERALD – RUSTENBURG – As stated in this week’s Rustenburg Herald the Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM) has released the Emergency Loadshedding Schedule for Sunday, 19 July. As with the previous schedule, Rustenburg will be split into two parts (Groups 2, 5 and 6 and Groups 1, 3 and 4). The power will then switch between the two parts with one part being off for three hours whilst the other is on and vice versa.

Learnfast open motorfietsbestuurskool

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RUSTENBURG HERALD – RUSTENBURG – Doen u dalk aansoek vir u motorfietslisensie? Stel u dalk belang om ‘n motorfiets te koop maar is u onseker of u gemaklik op een sal wees? Wel Learnfast-bestuurskool by Bergsig Akademie bied nou vir die inwoners van Rustenburg ‘n unieke geleentheid om nie net u motorfietsvermoë te verbeter nie maar ook om voor te berei vir die bestuurslisensietoets op ‘n unieke toetsbaan.

To read the full story, read our 15 September 2017 issue.


Protea Park wy die kersseisoen in

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