Karlien Park Squatters evicted

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RUSTENBURG HERALD- RUSTENBURG- On Tuesday, 31 July, the Rustenburg local Municipality’s Public Safety together with the Rustenburg Police carried out a court order to evict squatters who erected shacks at Karlien Park. The Rustenburg Herald had in the past been inundated with complaints from residents of Karlien Park and Zinniaville about these squatters. Tuesday saw this problem being solved.

No water in Koster - again!

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RUSTENBURG HERALD - KGETLENGRIVIER - For the umpteenth time in its history that has been riddled by an almost sickening track record in terms of service delivery - most notably water and electricity services, residents in neighbouring town Koster are without water again since Sunday.
To read the full story, read our 27 July 2018 issue.

Chaos erupts at Charora High school

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The Rustenburg Herald reported in last week’s edition on Charora High School, a no-fee school where parents are allegedly been forced to pay school fees or results withheld as a result of non-payment.  This week the Rustenburg Herald received these photographs showing disgruntled learners expressing their dissatisfaction towards the Principal of the school.

To read the full story, read our 27 July 2018 issue.