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STELLALANDER-VRYBURG: World Down syndrome day is annually commemorated on 21 March. 
The theme for this year is “End the Stereotypes”, and calls for community members to treat people with Down syndrome just like any other human being. Often they are treated like children and community members underestimate and exclude them.

Joe Morolong Memorial Hospital in Vryburg has a multi-disciplinary approach in helping children/people with Down syndrome and this entails the following; • Speech Therapy is one of the essential role that aid children with down syndrome in overcoming communication challenges. They assess individual needs and provide tailored interventions to improve articulation, language comprehension and, expressive communication. 
• Occupational Therapy also plays a crucial role by addressing developmental needs and enhancing children with Down syndrome in order for them to attain independence and quality of life.
• Physiotherapy is essential for aiding children with Down syndrome by improving their motor skills, muscle strength, co-ordination and general physical development. Physiotherapy Department can treat specific issues such as poor muscle tone, joint stiffness and delayed motor milestones.
The hospital urges community members to accept and embrace children with Down syndrome and seek early medical attention in order to improve their quality of life. For more information about Down syndrome contact the Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Departments at 053 928 900.