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NOORWESTER - LICHTENBURG – God Restore Our Good Life (GROGL) recently walked the talk and turned the talk into action at Tlhabologang in Coligny. 
The Chairperson of GROGL, Dr Daniel Buthelezi was accompanied by GROGL Leader of Social Rehabilitation Sector Mr Lucky Tshabalala and Prospective Youth Leader Brother Mashala. The mission is to start small so that this should be seen growing bigger  in the eyes of the public, in order for the Movement  to have a clear reflection of its growth and development. We were with the teenagers of Tlhabologang Township near Coligny with the intention of striking it while it is still red.

The Team provided motivation to these teenagers to guard against being involved in drugs, substance abuse and gangsterism. The young boys were so motivated and also inspired to recruit others. It is always advisable to start with a smaller group so as to gradually become bigger, instead of starting bigger and become smaller at the later stage.
We are very proud as a movement to register such a milestone in terms of our mission of “Walking the talk, and turning the talk into action” We have agreed on a follow-up meeting in April 2024 for those who are still to be recruited. We have agreed to introduce new different programs as our way forward. We would like to thank Mr Lucky Tshabalala for the efforts he had taken to bring these teenagers together, we are very proud of you, our brother. It is also so wonderful to have in our midst an energetic and enthusiastic young person in the likes of Brother Mashala with the skills of inspiring and motivating other young people. In our next meeting we intend to fortify our team by being joined by a leader of GROGL Young Adults Sector Mr Kabelo Moagi, as well as one pastor from the GROGL Religious Denomination Cluster. Our focus in the next meeting will be on speaking to young adults in the area. 
We are currently forging a collaboration with Mr Moremi who is the coach of Tlhabologang Football Academy to join hands with us to defeat the demons of social ills in the area. Mr Moremi is a gentleman in Tlhabologang doing a very wonderful job for the community of Tlhabologang and Coligny by removing away from streets through sports development the young people who usually roam around the streets.
Above all we would like to thank God for the wisdom that He is continually blessing us with so as to reach out to our broader society and make a difference in our areas.
On Thursday, 28 March we have a follow-up meeting with the “Lichtenburg Casual Job Seekers”. 
We therefore request donations in kind from everyone interested to grace our meeting by providing basic catering to our attendants, our interest as GROGL with the motto “Men Of Action Walking  Together” is to address basic issues that affect our society at large.
 It will be appreciated if as a society we can come together to show compassion to the state of our living as the children of God. GROGL would like to thank all those donors who made our previous meetings possible and a success.