Liquor store robbed

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BONUS - RUSTENBURG- The police in Rustenburg have confirmed that a case of business robbery and hijacking has been registered at Rustenburg police station following a robbery that took place at a liquor store in Zendeling Street on Thursday (9 May).

Family dog mutilates toddler

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BONUS - RUSTENBURG - A toddler of the city is still receiving medical treatment after she was bitten by her grandfather’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Little Nicolette du Toit (2) was rushed to hospital after the dog bit her in the face on Tuesday afternoon (7 May). According to Nicolette’s mom, Lize-Marie, the dog - her father’s pet - probably was startled and that was why he bit the child. Nicolette was released from hospital on Friday (10 May) and was expected to consult with a specialist again on Monday (13 May). For the full story, see this week’s Rustenburg Herald.