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Die legendariese Francois van Coke en Die Gevaar asook die gewilde rockgroep Spoegwolf tree op Vrydag 1 Desember by Rio Casino op. Spoegwolf sal om 19:00 optree, gevolg deur Van Coke en Die Gevaar om 20:30. Die kaartjies kos R250 elk en is by Ticketpro, Bosveld Slaghuis en C-Thru Glass en Aluminium te koop. Die hekke sal om 17:00 open. Meer inligting van 083 716 5495.                        
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The police, Department of Community Safety and transport management, the CPF, community in blue patrollers and other stakeholders installed warnings on street poles in the CBD to alert visitors to the threat of crime. Different streets have different messages about crime prevention tips and hotspots of crime and reminds pedestrians to take care of their belongings at all times.

Klerksdorp Midweek, Kanana - The police in Kanana request the community’s assistance in locating 42-year-old Johannes Motshoeneng, who is residing in Impala Street, Kanana. He was last seen on March 22 by his girlfriend when he fetched his id document from her. According to his girlfriend, he doesn’t have a fixed address because he is currently unemployed. She received a call from him on March 29 that he was with people at Siri’s tavern in Kanana. She hasn’t seen him since and can’t recall what he was wearing.

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